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The Viogee Team Earns National Sales Recognition for Outstanding Work! image


Sales and consulting agency Viogee, Inc. has again been recognized as a distinguished firm in the industry, receiving a national sales award based on their outstanding results. Viogee, Inc. earned the Campaign Cup award for their Q4 and overall performance during 2016 on behalf of a premier telecommunications client. This marks the fourth time Viogee, Inc. has won the award since their inception in 2014. The award recognizes Viogee, Inc. for outperforming every other eligible firm in the nation focused on the same campaign. Winning this award multiple times endorses the commitment and expertise of the firm and their team. For the fourth time, Viogee, Inc., led by president Martin Chan, has received top honors for their strong sales results. ...

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Viogee Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day with Our Anne image

Viogee Anne Admin

Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from? What was your college/major? I’m from the small town of Califon, New Jersey and attended Rutgers University. I graduated with a degrees in Psychology, Theater and two minors: Italian and Italian Cultural Studies. After college I lived abroad in Italy and taught English. I love to travel! How would you describe your company culture? We have a work hard play hard environment. We have a lot of fun, we were ranked #1 in the nation for our client last quarter and still found time to host a Lip Sync Battle for charity. What are the benefits of working with Viogee? I love that working with Viogee has combined my passion ...

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3 Reasons To Work At Viogee – by Qi Liu image

I still remember the day I was interviewed by Martin Chan, president of Viogee, Inc.  At first I was not sure if the job fit me well- I wasn’t sure if I could perform well since English is not my first language. Now 3 months have passed by and it turns out that I not only could I handle the job, but more important, I made a lot of good friends as business partners in the working environment. In looking back, here are three of the most important things I focused on with my time at Viogee: First, more than any other job I have had in the past, this position allowed me to learn and practice management skills. I ...

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Viogee Continues Its Great Adventure image

I’m always prideful of the professional steps the team takes to advance in their careers, especially when people are stepping outside of their comfort zones. But, occasionally, we get to step outside of comfort zones for other reasons. It was with this thought in mind that Mike, Bill, Bridget, Liz, and myself took a trip to Six Flags for a little adventure. Some of us were seasoned veterans of the theme park, others, including myself were complete newbies. Here are some of the pictures from our visit. See if you can spot those of us that are outside of our comfort zones… Overall, it was a great opportunity to get to know the team in a setting outside of the ...

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Reports From a First-Time Undercover Business Jetsetter. No Big Deal image

   brought to you by guest blogger – Jared Ruutikainen I recently earned the opportunity to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the Southwest Regional Conference.  This was not only my first conference, but my first time visiting the west coast.  The best part about this experience for me was the opportunity I had to spend time with successful people in our business outside of a work environment.  I was able to network, learn, and build relationships with other business professionals, and realize that they are no different from myself or anyone else, they have just put in the time and effort to get to the position they are at.    As for the conference itself, I did not know ...

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Congratulations To Our Newest Promotions Within The Viogee Team! image

  A fierce competitor, Kyle Congdon is always looking to push boundaries. Known for his quick wit, 3-piece suits, and adaptability, he has been an amazing addition to the team!             Few are able to match Anthony McIntyres resolve, ambition, and love for Reece’s- we are excited to see how far he can go! Congratulations to Anthony for taking the next step in his professional development!          

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How to Ensure Your Team is on the Right Track image


“Talent wins games,  but teamwork and intelligence win championships” -Michael Jordan Team building is an important aspect for a company to have. At Viogee we pride ourselves on a work hard, play hard company culture. We all work together to achieve a similar goal and one way we do that is by doing a little team building. Viogee’s latest team building outing was skiing and snowboarding at Tuxedo Ridge Lodge in Tuxedo, New York. Most of us had never been skiing before so it was interesting,  and a little painful, to try it for the first time. I personally have never been skiing before so I spent more time sitting in the snow than standing up, but luckily,  we had ...

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How to Succeed in Business While Also Being the Youngest Person in the Room image


by guest blogger and Viogee Account Executive, Elizabeth O'Neill Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from college! Now it’s time to take all the knowledge you’ve obtained in the last 4 years and use it towards being successful in the business world! Sounds easy right? Being the youngest person in the room in the business world is not always easy. It comes with some challenges, but if you are willing to overcome these challenges you’ll agree with me that the benefits of being a young entrepreneur outweigh the negatives. So how do you overcome the challenges that come with being a young entrepreneur, you may ask? Here are a few tips on how to crack the code:   1) Surround yourself with the ...

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4 Business Lessons Learned From Not Practicing Your Piano image

Viogee Aristocats Disney Gif

Let’s go exploring for a bit. Stick with me on this. What you read might feel like wandering, but just like a good movie things end up coming back around, I promise. And good things come from exploring, minus those examples of exploring strange, creepy houses or temples in scary movies. So let’s get down to business and totally change the subject… I should have practiced the piano more… All those little bribes my parents threw my way to get me to sit down on that hard wooden bench and knock out shaky scales and patchy songs were wasted. Those black and white keys were no match for the games of tag, home-run derby, and fort-building that was competing for ...

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Mapping Your Road To Success image

Road To Success I'm currently in a management training program which offers the opportunity to open my own marketing firm representing a large corporation. Over the last 8 months I've had the chance to network with some of the most successful people in this industry and realized that the only difference between them and I is time and decisions. Ultimately if I'm going to reach my goal of becoming successful I need to start acting, thinking, and making the decisions that will bring the results I want. So how am I going to do this you ask? I'm going to plan it. 90% of all things accomplished start with a plan. It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. ~ Lucius ...

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