Here at Viogee we like to pride ourselves on our participation in raising money for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a nonprofit organization that provides children around the world with cleft lip and cleft palate repair surgeries.   Throughout the year we host a number of different charity events to raise money for such a good cause. So, what better way to raise money for charity than having grown men dance around on a stage in dresses, right?  

Before you ask too many questions, let me explain: This time around to raise money for Operation Smile we hosted our first annual Lip Sync For Smiles event, at the Stagehouse Tavern in Somerset, NJ. To raise money we had multiple teams compete in an ultimate lip sync battle. The first round of the tournament was a solo performance, followed by a group performance. The last round consisted of the teams with the highest amount of votes performing a montage of songs that were picked by our judges.   One of the favorite performers of the night was our very own Jordan Freindlich performing “Chandelier” by Sia, nude jumpsuit and all.  

Our very own #LipSyncForSmiles winner Jordan and his flawless performance of @_Siamusic’s #Chandelier. A video posted by Viogee (@viogeeinc) on


Over the course of the day we were able to raise $632 to donate to Operation Smile. Not only were we able to change the lives of a few children by providing enough money to sponsor cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for them, we also had a great time while doing so. It’s not every day you get to see three grown men lip syncing a Spice Girls song to raise some money for a good cause.


This was our first charity event for Operation Smile but we intend on making them bigger and better so stay tuned!